Welcome to those who will dare to think the unthinkable, the awakened warriors, and you evolutionary scouts. You are in good company. I want to thank all the “players” in our network of scouts for their work then and now as we continue into a new century striving to bring this world of ours into the vibrance it deserves. I encourage you others of similar mind to read the manual and accept the far-reaching challenges that fit for you. WE are all at the shift point ….make your move!--Jim Channon

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Jim Channon


Jim allows only three annual excursions from Hawaii to speak or counsel with leaders. The normal way to secure his advice is by webcam. A lesser quality exchange is by telephone for radio purposes. Using his illustration skills and arsenal of graphic maps he is best in his studio with access to white boards where he illustrates live or pulls out prepared charts and streams the video live.

An alternative is to e-mail jim questions which he can answer on HDTV and mail a DVD back for editing with the interviewer. The preferred magazine interviews occur with jim on his model eco-homestead so an authentic context is available for reference. All rates are consistent with professional industry standards.

Fee schedule available on request. Soon jim’s videos will run live in second life the virtual world. A very knowledgeable professional writer and photographer both have materials that can be tailored for articles. Contact Susanne Sims at susannesims@gmail.com.

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